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Cathy B. Bimbo

Hi Cathy, welcome on! We are glad to welcome you here on Let’s get right to it, people are eager to learn more about you. How did you get into making porn?

Bimbofication Porn Cathy B.Hello Tom, I am very happy to be part of, yes that’s when I start right away I started with the first pornography 2 years ago and I’ve also been doing webcam for a year. I have always been fascinated by porn and I always wanted to work in a porn until I dared to take the step about 2 years ago and the first film was in the box, I was infatuated with the lifestyle. I have now created a private homepage with the domain where users can watch my hot porn, of course in the hot doll style and meet me live on the webcam. I just love the doll style, big silicone breasts, big splashed lips, tight, provocative style and of course with my personal touch “Pinki style”. My motto is “DO NOT CARE WHAT ELSE THINK OR SAY, LIVE THE DREAM OF A BIMBODOLL !!! the great thing about everything I feel really free, just feminine. My dream is to come to America to get to the roots of bimbofication with my personal style as a German bimbo doll. I am also represented at an American model agency called Scoreland which broadcasts a film of mine. I have also shot porn actors with famous people like Jean Pallette, Costas Antonis, Jayemkay etc … at the moment My films are produced by Mr.Blum Production, because of the current situation (Corona), I also make some self-made clips for protection and security, many users always have a personal video request and write to me on the homepage for free to share their imagination To have me together for that is a hot doll or. I also have adult pictures and small shortcuts of myself on my social media, which are at the end of the interview still standing.

As you know there is a huge fan base out there for women with big lips. How did you come to enlarge your lips?

Big Lips Bimbo Cathy B.Nice that you ask me that, I love big lips, I already had big lips by nature, but I love the extreme doll-like look, that’s why I started spraying my lips for the first time 2 years ago and I then looked like this I really like that I’ve become a real fan of it.

Our site visitors love big lips, the bigger the better. Want to make your lips even bigger?

Oh yes, I was just injecting it again the other day the bigger the better I always get 2 ml of hyaluron injected, but the next time I get 3 ml I am curious to see how it will come into its own.

What do the perfect lips look like for you?

The perfect lips look like mine to me, they are big, full of hyaluronic acid pink lipstick, many men love it and like to do it for all of them.

Is there an idol for you in the porn industry?

I already have quite a few, but my favorite and greatest idol who embodies a bimbodoll is Alicia Amira for me. Her story is inspiring how the bimbofication started with her and what she has achieved.

We love bright lipstick colors. Which lipstick color is your favorite?

I love pink and everything that glistens, doll hihi

Do you also like to style yourself in your free time for example shopping?

Bimbo Porn Doll Cathy B.Yes, of course, right away, when I get up, I put on my make-up, that has to be

If someone said, I’ll pay for any cosmetic surgery you want. You can do as much as you want. What would you do?

I would go into it, I still have so much to do on my body, write to me if you want to learn more or would like to support me.

And now the question that interests everyone the most: What do you like to do with your big lips during sex?

I would look deep into his eyes and then present him my beautiful femininity (lips, body, breasts) from my personal experience, I know that looking at me in this situation of the viewer can become very erotic, but I don’t want to dissolve the surprise right away it won’t be exciting for the respective reader. The best thing to do is to try it out for yourself and let yourself be enchanted.

Thank you Cathy for the interview, it was a great pleasure. You are such a great inspiring woman! I hope we can do more interviews in the future.

Thank you my dear Tom for the questions and to all the readers. Visit me and write to me Kiss your bimbodoll Cathy_B


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