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Jessy Bunny as bimbo

Bimbo with pink lipstickJessy Bunny (also known as Jessica Bunnington) is brand new to bimbofication and big lips. But already she has incredibly big lips and looks fantastically hot. Her lips have a great round shape with a small gap in the middle – that’s how it should be!
We have been excited about Jessica Bunnington from the beginning and have been following her Bimbofication Journey. Now we have a very interesting interview about her bimbofication and porn. Enjoy it!


Hello Jessy, welcome to! We are happy to welcome you here on We already published a couple of teasers of you on our website and since the first sight we were totally excited about your lips and bimbo transformation. Our community loves huge lips and bimbo babes, so you fit perfectly on our website. How did you come to transform yourself into a Bimbo Doll in this beautiful way?

First of all, I would like to thank you for being presented on a page where my absolute role models are also represented. My journey began when I discovered bimbos as a teenager and they triggered an incredible fascination in me. It turned me on incredibly that women can get breasts as big as balls, giant asses or even gigantic lips, making them irresistible in my opinion. Women like Candy Charms or Aletta Ocean inspired me, unfortunately my family was very much against my ideals. I moved from home to the city at 17 also because of that, then I had my boobs done for the first time at 18, then came the first fillers and since then it’s become more and more extreme. Sometimes I go on my Instagram on the oldest pictures and am surprised how far I have already come. Anyone who wants can do that and write me what they think. But I am far from done with my transformation πŸ™‚

How was your Bimbo Journey so far? What all have you had done and what is still ahead of you?

Open mouth Ahegao BimboSo far I’ve had two breast augmentations, once at 18 (400cc) and the second at 19 (1300cc) and with that I became the teen with the largest breast implants to my knowledge. I also had a supercharged BBL (implants and fat) just under 4 weeks ago, this surgery was really worth it, my waist became extremely small ,59cm compared to my ass which is now 115cm and some of the fat was injected into my outer labia because I think that is ultra hot that you can see my pussy through leggings. My lips have been injected a few times now, sometimes I have problems drinking or talking through them, but that’s part of it and I love it too – something like that makes you aware of your own body. What I also had are some Botox sessions and injections in the cheeks. And I also had a little liposuction on my chin. And what am I planning? Well, in two weeks I’m going to have the buccal fat removed and my labia minora shortened so that I finally get a really hot Barbie pussy, and at the moment I’m also looking for a clinic that offers lip implants which will permanently enlarge my lips. What is also very important to me, have a base and can build on it more and more with fillers. Overall, I want my lips to be significantly larger, role models for me are Andrea Ivanova and RealSiliconBunny, the bigger the better. I also want to have my breasts done again this year, with expander implants, so that I can exceed and reach 4000cc as soon as possible. The nose should also be done, but I am still looking for a doctor who can make me a very nice Barbie nose. I also want to have cheek implants and chin implants done and I am planning to have my butt augmented again next year.

Oh yes, the bigger the lips, the better! Did you know from the beginning that you wanted to do porn?

Let’s put it this way, I wished for it. I wouldn’t do porn if I didn’t find my body attractive and since my second breast surgery I feel my body is ready for it. Ready to be shown to the world in all its glory and it’s incredibly fun for me with for example Scoreland I was able to show my body and it was so much fun, the directing instructions, the setting etc.. It all makes you feel how beautiful and desirable a body is. I also love to produce videos for my dandies πŸ˜‰ or come up with new video ideas on my Onlyfans.

Our community loves big lips, the bigger the better. Do you want to make your lips even bigger? If so, how big do you want them to be?

My lips are 20% as big as I want them to be, i.e. at least 5 times as big would be my preference. That’s why I’m currently planning to have lip implants or a bullhorn lift done simply to a) permanently enlarge my lips and b) to make my lips even bigger with filler, etc. Basically I think that there is no such thing as too big lips πŸ™‚

That’s sound great! Everyone has a different idea of beautiful big lips. Some love it when there is a gap between the lips, others just love huge lips and others again like it when the lips are as duck lips. What do the absolutely perfect lips look like for you?

Huge lips that stick out like the beak of a duck and a small keyhole in the middle are what I would describe as the perfect lips.

Is there an idol for you in the porn industry from the bimbo area?

Minka with her gigantic breasts is a role model of mine, other role models especially in the big lips niche are Andrea Ivanova and RealSiliconeBunny.

Which Bimbo Journey or bimbo transformation do you find most inspiring?

I find every bimbofication very exciting and am always very happy when many different types of women* let their bimbo come to the surface. Celine CΓ©ntino, Aviva Rocks or my own Bimbofication shows that every woman can become a Bimbo. But bimbofications that fascinate me the most are trans* bimbofications. I like it incredibly. Women like Nicky Valentina Rose or my best friend Vienna are very good examples that every person can become the person she is meant to be.

We love strong lipstick on huge lips. We like red or pink best. Which lipstick color is your favorite?

My absolute favorites are the Chanel Rogue Coco Flash and otherwise “plumping lip gloss”, there they just look even bigger.

Do you also like to style yourself very hot in your spare time, for example for shopping?

Plastic Fantastic Jessy Bunny aka Jessica BunningtonDue to my body I am forced to always look hot πŸ˜› Tops that are normally not belly free are now more or less only bras because of my breasts. The same goes for my ass, I had pant size S before the surgery, now I have XL πŸ™‚ There’s not much left to hide πŸ™‚ But I always make sure that I’m dressed sexy, I love it when men stare at me and secretly take pictures (if you read this, I always notice it :P) and it always brings me advantages like that there is a free coffee or sometimes the employee gives discount, it also happened that I drove a cab for free, because the cab driver just wanted to touch my breasts once. But my basic styling is always so that I always try depending on the occasion to always be the hottest woman. Basic supermarket is enough like a normal makeup with hotpants and extremely tight top, but if I go shopping for example, it must almost inevitably either extremely high plateau heels or my Louboutins are (even if they are always broken very quickly because of the cobblestones 😒) and a beautiful dress with really deep and side cut. That’s the rule: always try to be the hottest bitch. And if someone else is it, I did something wrong.

If someone would say: I’ll pay for any plastic surgery you want. You can do as much as you want. What would you do and how would you want to look in the end?

I’ve been looking for a SD (sugar daddy) for a long time for this reason among others πŸ˜…. So definitely the previously listed operations, but just significantly faster, there would no longer be a limit for any body region. Breasts extreme expander implants. Have lips injected twice a month each with 2-3cc. They have to go over the nose (in my opinion it has to be that way), and the salvia is supposed to go over them throughout. Botox also as often as I can so there are no wrinkles at all. Would also make me really hot cat eyes. Then cheeks and chin implants in addition to fillers I also do. The tits should definitely come to 5000cc plus, so really huge balls that stand clearly forward and I vll even sometimes through certain doors no longer fit. I would also have ribs removed in any case to get a really fierce wasp waist, a waist where my daddy can then embrace with both hands and that can embrace without problems. In my ass should then also be extreme expander implants inserted, so min 3000cc per side and of course in addition some fat. Think then I need custom made bathtubs for the rear. My pussy should also be properly pumped up and additionally modified so that I am consistently horny. The clit should also be much more irritable. My hair should be platinum blonde extensions that reach to the floor (if he pays me all the surgeries he can also pay me a girl who wears my hair :P) Would also like to have a Cinderella Surgery where my feet are reduced in size. My hands would also be perfected so that they look even more doll moderate and of course they should also have very long nails. Best would be pink or red nail color.

I like to browse on Deviantart for inspiration for my bimbofication (and because I find it really hot in parts) and I have a picture of how I imagine myself after the interventions…

(Simply the best pic I have ever seen on DEVIANTART and my absolute dream)

And now the question that everyone is most interested in: What do you like to do with your big lips during sex?

Well of course I love to blow. That’s what they are made for and it should feel soo good for men that it is no longer to describe, so properly pumped up lips that suck on your dick while I massage your balls with my long nails. I like to suck the balls too hihi. Since I am Bi I also like it very to kiss another woman with it pumped up lips. Our salvia spreads over the whole face of the other. With pumped up lips to kiss other pumped up lips feels like you have a small erect penis in your mouth. And of course it is extremely horny to lick with it or to suck a dick together in a threesome, think there is nothing hornier for a man than when 2 women simultaneously suck his shaft up and down and have real fun.

Thank you so much for your answers and the inspiring words. You are really an incredibly great woman and we think it’s great what you are doing & planning. Many women who wants to be a bimbo but don’t dare, should take an example from you. We are sure that you will become a great bimbo which you want to be. We absolutely love your style and would love to do another interview in a few months when you’ve grown your lips again.


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