Adira Allure is a hot and crazy pornstar. We love her big lips and costume which she use for porn. Adira Allure has some nice photos and videos for all cosplay fans.
Ahegao is when women roll their eyes and stick out their tongues. Often there is also drooling and moaning. The combination of tongue sticking out, moaning and eye-rolling looks super hot, so we've included the category. Originally Ahegao comes from Japanese anime.
Pornstar Alex Grey has amazing long blond hair and a beautiful face. Her lips are nice round shaped. Alex Grey loves to wear lingerie and to show her hot body.
Alura Jenson is a mature porn actress known for her big round tits and curvy body. This type of porn stars are also often called cougars. She has light blonde hair and big lips. So she fits perfectly on our website!
Amy Anderssen is a pornstar with extremely big silicone tits and big fake lips. The combination of huge tits and lips together with her slim body makes her something special in the porn world. Especially among the lovers of big tits and lips she is very popular.
Anastasia Doll is a pornstar with big silicone breasts and huge fake lips. Anastasia Doll is a true fuck doll! Everything about her looks perfect for fucking, whether it's her ass, her big tits or her big lips. Anastasia Doll is the kind of woman that is also called a porn doll.
Angelina Valentine is very famous among all who love big lips and big fake tits. Her silicone tits and lips are perfectly round and so she fits perfectly on our site. Angelina Valentine loves to use her big lips for blowjobs - and we love her for it!
Aviva Rocks is a pornstar from Switzerland with huge lips, big tits and a hot curvy body. With her big fake lips she fits perfectly on our site. Especially her curvy body together with her lips looks just fantastic. We hope to see more porn from Aviva Rocks - stay tuned!
BBW means Big Beautiful Woman and describes fat women in porn. BBW porn actresses often have big breasts, belly and butt. BBW babes are very popular in porn and are often sought after. So in this category you will find fat women with big lips.
We love big lips, so our site is about women with big lips. Big lips must look like a warm wet flesh cave that you can fuck. No matter if you like huge fake lips or real big lips, we list in this category porn pictures and videos of women with big lips.
Bimbo 152
Bimbo is the name given to women who care a lot about their appearance and are very feminine. They dress extremely sexy or slutty and wear strong makeup mostly in the colors pink. They have huge fake tits and fake lips. In our opinion, bimbos are the perfect women.
Bimbofication means to turn a normal woman into a bimbo. The goals a huge fake lips, bigger boobs, in most cases blond hair and to look slutty as possible. Bimbofication is the transformation of a woman to a slutty hot bimbo doll. All bimbos had a bimbofication journey where they get bigger lips, bigger boobs and lot of other modifications.
Women with black hair are very popular in porn. They know exactly what they want and men like it a lot. Often women from the categories Fetish, Leather and Latex wear black hair because it fits well to the theme. So here you can find women with black hair and big lips.
Blond 141
Women with blond hair fit perfectly on our site. Because most women who have big fake lips also have blonde hair. And rightly so! All men like women with light hair, big lips and big tits. So in this category you will find women with blonde hair and big lips.
Booty 21
A booty is a large ass that is clearly distinguishable from the rest of the body. Booty butts are round, stand out from the body and are a pleasure to fuck. With a booty ass you can hold on wonderfully and fuck the soft butt beautifully. For all those who love big asses this category is perfect.
Bullet Barbie is a amazing Bimbo with fantastic huge fake lips. In our opinion she is one of the most beautiful Bimbos ever. Check her interview out, her Bimbofication story is very interesting. If you love fake dolls, you will love Bullet Barbie.
Busty 214
Busty is what you say to women with big tits. Women who have big round tits, whether real or not, fall into the category of busty. Since most women with fake lips also have fake tits, many babes on our site fall into this category. If you love big tits, you've come to the right place.
Cathy B. is among the Big Lips and Bimbo Doll models very famous. She has incredibly big lips full of hyaluronic acid and knows exactly how to use her lips. Cathy B. is definitely one of the best pornstars in the bimbo and big lips niche.
Chessie Kay is a hot porn actress who often does bimbo porn. Of course she has big tits and big fake lips, otherwise she would not be on our site. She gives hot blowjobs with her big lips and sucks everything out of your cock. Chessie Kay loves to show her tits and play with them.
Claudia Marie is known for her gigantic fake tits and big lips. She is a mature pornstar with a lot of experience. With her huge fake tits she gives perfect titjobs and with her big lips incredibly hot blowjobs. Claudia Marie is the definition of a sex doll that is made to fuck.
Cosplay is made up of the word costume and play. There are a lot of hot costumes and role-playing games out there, so there's porn for that too. No matter what costume or cosplay you are into, there is a cosplay porn for it. So here you will find many pictures and videos that have to do with cosplay and big lips.
All those who love bimbos with big lips know Danielle Derek. But she not only has big fake lips, she also has huge fake tits! Together with her hot body and blonde hair it makes her a hot and popular bimbo. She often wears heavy lipstick or makeup and looks even sluttier. Perfect for!
Dez Fraser is one of the top 6 models on our website. No wonder - check her lips out and you know why! Dez Fraser is hot as fuck! She is busty, she has blond hair and knows how to use a lot of makeup. This is what bombshells made of! Check our interview with Dez Fraser out!  
Diana Simons is new in business! She use huge plastic fake lips for facefuck and deepthroat. We love her!
Doll 161
Dolls are babes that look or act like a doll. There are some differences in this kind of doll fetish. Among other things, there is the fetish of living dolls that behave like a living doll in porn. They are usually dressed like a doll and heavily made up. Furthermore, bimbos are often called dolls because of heavy makeup, big eyes, big lips and a very artificial look. That is why babes are often called porn dolls
The term ebony is used in porn to describe women who come from Africa or are Afro-American. Often ebonys are known to have a big butt and big tits. Since Afro-American women almost always have big lips, they fit perfectly on our website.
Blond, big fake tits and slutty outfits - This is Emjay Rosso, a fantastic babe with an amazing body! We love her outfits in nylons and her long blond hair. Check her interview out!
Fetisch Barbie is very famous in social media with her big lips. She has beautiful big fake lips and often wears heavy red lipstick. In addition, she wears a lot of makeup and emphasizes her eyes and big lips. Fetisch Barbie is very popular on our website and is often clicked, no wonder with the big lips!
Fetish means many different fetishes but especially women in shiny latex, leather or other types of fetishes. In this category you will find fetish women or fetish porn with big lips.
Heavy makeup is very common in porn. Heavy makeup is anything where the woman wears an extreme amount of makeup and lipstick or lip gloss. In heavy makeup porn the makeup is often smeared and messy. Heavy makeup porn is a fetish that many men are into. It fits perfectly with big lips so you can find this category on
Jessica Bunnington is also known as Jessy Bunny. She is active on many sites as a porn actress, even on YouTube she has a channel where she shares videos about her bimbofication journey. Jessica Bunnington aka Jessy Bunny loves to act like a bimbo and to get closer to her dream of looking absolutely like a bimbo doll. Her lips are incredibly big and full of lipstick.
Jessy Bunny aka Jessica Bunnington is a perfect example of an amazing Bimbofication! Check her big round lips, tits and booty out! Her lips are fake and huge - that's how it should be! If you are interested to know more about Jessy Bunny, read her interview on our website, she has an intersting Bimbofication journey done.
Kitty Ink Bimbodoll is a true bimbo queen. She wears heavy makeup & lipstick and enjoys to look like a bimbo! Her extreme makeup is one of the hottest heavy makeup around the Bimbo scene. We love her Bimbofication and her very special style! If you love fetish Bimbos with extreme heavy makeup, Kitty Ink Bimbodoll is the right pornstar for you!
Pornstar Krisztina Sereny is one of the hottest pornstars ever! She has a beautiful face and nice big lips. Her fake tits are huge and have the perfect size for some fun. If you love blonde babes with huge fake tits, Krisztina Sereny is the right pornstar for you!
In leggings porn the woman wears skintight pants that show everything underneath. Leggings are very popular in porn because they show the curves of women. Especially women with big butts or bootys like to wear leggings to show their big ass. Leggings come in many different colors and therefore often go well with cosplay. Leggings porn is one of our favorites, so you will find many photos and videos in this category.
Lipstick porn is a form of porn where the woman wears strong lipstick or lip gloss and often gives a blowjob. At the end of the porn the lipstick is usually smeared across the face or messy. Lipstick porn also falls under the category of fetish. It fits perfectly with big lips or bimbos, so in this category you will find a lot of lipstick porn.
Lola Taylor is a fantastic blond doll with nice lips. Especially her skills to roleplay as a living doll are awesome. She wears a nice costume and is made up with makeup like a doll. She acts like a doll without a soul and is ready to be used for everything that you want. Lola Taylor opens her mouth for you, the hand or the legs, whatever you want! She is ready to be your fuckdoll everytime happy if you use her.
Mature porn refers to porn where the women are a little older. Often this form of porn is also called milf porn. Mature porn includes women between 40-60 years old who are still very hot and like to fuck. Mature women often have big boobs and love to give titjobs.
Model 347
Here you can find a list of all Big Lips models on our site. All ever published models are listed here.
Nasty Bimbo is the perfect example of a hot Bimbofication. She loves to use a lot of heavy pink makeup and lipstick. Many of her photos contain Ahegao and dumb faces. A perfect mix for a real Bimbo!
Nina Bimbofication Barbie is very active on social media and loves to show her big lips with lots of lipstick. She loves to show off and play with her fake lips. You can find all the social media channels and websites of Nina Bimbofication Barbie here.
Nina Doll is a porn actress from BBW category with incredibly huge tits. With her big boobs she knows exactly how to give a titjob and then suck cock with her big lips. She has hot curves and big lips - That's all it takes to get listed on!
Many men are into nylons, so in this category you will find nylon porn. With nylons there are many different variations like bodysuits or catsuits, overknee nylons and much more. There are also different colors like white, black, red and of course hot pink. Nylon porn is very widespread and there is an incredible amount of content about it. So in this category you will find women with nylons and big lips.
Pantyhose are one of the hottest clothes for women in porn. Especially for women with big butts and many curves they emphasize their body very well. There are pantyhose in many different colors and patterns. Pantyhose porn is therefore very popular and is watched a lot. So here you will find many photos and videos that fit into the category pantyhose.
Princess Fetish Doll loves to wear heavy makeup and lipstick. She also likes latex in black, blue, red or pink. We like Princess Fetish Dolls style especially because of her makeup skills. If you like fetish & latex content together with big lips, she is the right model for you!  
Many men like women with red hair, so we have a suitable category especially for you. Women with red hair are often called redhead. So here you can find women with red hair or redheads with big lips.
Do you love dark hair and dark makeup & lipstick? Then you will love Ricki Raxxx! Ricki Raxxx loves to wear dark clothes and nylons or fishnet pantyhoses. She looks absolutely fantastic in black nylons! Her lips has a fantastic shape and with a dark red color lipstick it looks hot as fuck! Ricki Raxxx is perfect for all who loves babes with big lips and dark hair!
On social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter but also Manyvids and Onlyfans you can find a lot of hot women with big lips. So in this category you will find women who are not directly working for big porn producers and are under contract.
Stassi Rossi is a curvy bimbo with big lips. She is one of the pornstars that fit perfectly on our website. Her lips are nice and round as well as her booty and legs. We love her for her hot big ass, blonde hair and curves. The perfect curvy bimbo!
Stephanie Michelle is still quite new in the porn business but no less hot than others! She is more often active in cosplay and costumes in which she looks really hot. Stephanie Michelle also has incredibly hot curves. She loves ahegao and showing off her big tits and lips.
Tanya Tattoomodel is a hot babe with big lips. She has fantastic black hair and always wears latex. Her body is freaking hot! She has boobs like mountains and knows how to use heavy makeup. Tanya Tattoomodel is hot as hell!
Taylor Wane is a mature pornstar with big lips. She has perfect big tits and a gorgeous face. Especially with a lot of makeup and lipstick she looks insanely hot! Among other things you can find several photo sets of her, with a pink wig and heavy makeup. Together with her big lips it looks just awesome!
Zvana aBimboAmongUs is a perfect example for a nice Bimbofication. Big fake lips and heavy makeup - that's the perfect combo for a Bimbo. We love all photos of Zvana aBimboAmongUs with heavy makeup and blond hair. If it comes to lipstick or lipgloss, she always wears pink or red colors. The right color for a Bimbo!