Fetisch Barbie – Huge fake lips and heavy lipstick

Big lips pornstarHi Fetisch Barbie, welcome to Big-Lips.com! We are happy to welcome you to our community. 
Few month ago we introduced you on our website here: Fetisch Barbie
Our community rated you with 4.8 out of 5 for your lips. So the community loves you and I’m sure they wanted an interview with you all the time.
Now finally we can do an interview with you Fetisch Barbie, about your style, big lips, porn and your fantastic heavy makeup!


First of all, where are you from and why did you choose the name “Fetisch Barbie”? Tell us please the story behind your name 🙂

Hey Guys! First of all, thanks for having me! Well my name, I get that question often. I always knew Ill go down this road because I knew this is what I love therefore I will be successful. I wanted a name that unites Bimbo and Dominance/Fetish.
A lot of girls refer to barbie as their Inso but I look a big too extreme to be a normal barbie. Barbie doesn’t have lips like mine or FF Boobs haha. I used Fetisch and not Fetish because its German and makes it more unique. I’m from Austria btw.

Ok, so thats why your name is written “Fetisch Barbie” instead of “Fetish Barbie”. That’s interesting! Nice idea 🙂
Let’s talk about your huge fake lips. How did you decide to enlarge your lips? 

When I was about 16 years old, I listened to Jeffree Star and fell in love with his fake look.
I then decided that I want to enlarge my lips to match my bigger bottom lip. After that I adjusted my bottom lip, then top lip again and suddenly I was addicted. I couldn’t stop loving the freshly plumped up feeling until today.

Oh yeah, that is how the most babes get addicted 😉 We love your huge fake lips. I’m sure there is a lot of hard work behind it. How often do you get your lips done?

Thank you! Its either you hate or you love them. But its hard for people to not have a opinion on them.
I get them done every three months even tho they don’t shrink. I have a lot of scar tissue inside and have filled them up so often, that they don’t shrink. And I do Lippeelings and masks daily so they’re always as soft as they should be. Big soft Pillows right? ;P

I’m sure our community is addicted to your lips!
So you get your lips every 3 month done so that they do not become smaller. Any plans to get bigger? If so, how big should they be?

I always want to go bigger, but I don’t have an Idol lipwise.

You are an idol for many other big lips pornstars and models on Instagram and Twitter 😉
Ok, if someone would say: I’ll pay for any plastic surgery you want. You can do as much as you want. What would you do and how would you want to look in the end?

To be honest, I got my own money. I can get done what I want to get done. But If there was someone being serious about funding me, contact me.
But I decide what I do with that money.

You are a confident woman Fetisch Barbie, we love that 😉
Ok, let’s talk about some fetishes. We ourselves like heavy makeup and lipstick. In many photos you use heavy makeup and lipstick. Do you want to try more extreme makeup and lipstick? We think this suits you very well! Big lips and heavy makeup & lipstick is a perfect combination!

I love heavy make up, you should see the looks I get in conservative Austria. Its too funny.
What you see on my platforms, this is how I look in my daily life!

Western Europe is very conservative if it comes to makeup and slutty looks. But the more you travel east, the girls become more confident and wear more slutty outfits and heavy makeup. The same on the american continent and especially in Latin America.

Let’s talk about your Lipstick and Lipgloss. Your lipstick and lipgloss is always wonderfully bright! Which kind of lipstick/lipgloss do you use?

My favorite Lipgloss use to be from Chanel but since I use it every day and use A LOT I switched to Make Up Revolution for the daily use or for work. If I wanna feel extra boujee I put on my Chanel.
Its always a red Maybelline Superstay, its Kiss and Blowjob approved by me. On top I apply a red lipgloss by MakeupRevolution.

Thats sounds hot! I especially prefer lipstick which is not blowjob approved. The more messy after the blowjob, the better 😉 But I’m sure that a bright red lipstick after the blowjob ist hot too.
Since we saw you the first time on Twitter Fetisch Barbie, we have fallen in love with your heavy makeup. But more extreme is always better, like with fake lips 😉 Do you have any favourite makeup brand?

Thank you, that’s so sweet. I really appreciate People that have an eye for detail!
Fun Fact: Im a licensed MakeUp-Artist! I went to school and finished it with an A+ Degree.
My favorite MakeUp-Brands are for sure MakeUp-Revolution for Eyeshadow, Glosses; Dior for Highlighter; Heavy Heavy Paint Stick by Kryolan for Foundation and Contour; Chanel for Powders; And always the biggest Mink Lashes by Kryolan of course!

Yeah, you are an expert if it comes to makeup and lipstick! Btw: Huge fake lashes are hot as fuck! The longer and more extreme, the better!

What is your favourite makeup look and why?

I think my signature look is a cutcrease in purple or blue. Im dropping a Youtubeclip on how I do it soon!
And of course a bold, glossy red lip. How could I almost forget!

Oh yes, bold glossy red lipstick… There is almost nothing hotter 😉 Please inform us about your youtube clip as soon as it is ready.
What kind of content can we find on your onlyfans page? Do you also do porn, especially blowjobs with your hot big lips?

On my Onlyfans, 4Based and my Homepage you can find strictly naughty and fetish-friendly content. Everything you see is what makes me horny too.
Blowjobs, Lipfetish, Handjobs, Fur, Smoking, Latex & Leather and FULL NUDITY ofc.
I think I have the perfect range of fetish to porn and I post DAILY!
I keep my OF as my dirty diary. But enough, I dont want to spoiler tooo much ;P

That’s sounds hot! We recomend to check out Fetisch Barbie’s websites below the interview!
We like big lips and heavy makeup, what do you like on men? 

Men, men, men. Oh how much I love men. You have no Idea.
I adore them in many forms and Im addicted to big cock. But I always enjoy one at a time, Im monogamous when Im in a relationship. That one cock gets ALL my attention.
Too much cocktalk, sorry!
I love men that are buff-built. Muscular with fat on top! I love Dad-Bods, Im serious. No men younger than 35 for me.
Im leaking on my keyboard.
Gentleman with a rough side and best manners. Smell good, treat me like a queen and make me laugh!

You deserve to be treated like a queen!
Tell us your hottest fantasy which you have. No worries, we all have a kinky fantasy 😉

My hottest fantasy is something very consistent and simple. Having a big, juicy Cock between my big lips every day.
Thats what they’re for right?
And everything else I do you can see on my OF. Trust me, its HOT.

Ok, that’s fucking hot!
Thank you Fetisch Barbie for the interview. It is fantastic to have you for the second time on our website! With your big lips and heavy makeup you are the perfect model on our website! And keep in mind: The more lips & makeup, the better! 😉
We hope to see you again soon for an interview. Contact us as soon as you have made new content with heavy makeup on onlyfans. We would be happy to do a new interview with you!
Thank you for the interview with me!
I enjoyed answering your questions a lot!

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