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Huge fake titsToday we have something special for you guys! If you like bimbos with heavy makeup and big lips, then you’ve come to the right place – because today we have an interview with the beautiful Kitty Ink Bimbodoll (also known as Kitty Wildatheart)! She always wears an incredibly hot, extreme and strong makeup and in addition she dresses ultra slutty as it should be for a real bimbo. For us she is the true bimbo queen!

Whether she’s cosplaying or just styling slutty, she always looks beautiful and hot! BTW: Check out the cosplay photos of Kitty Ink Bimbodoll below and rate her!



Hello Kitty Ink, welcome to https://www.Big-Lips.com! We are happy to welcome you here on Big-Lips.com. We love your heavy makeup and your beautiful big lips, so we just had to do an interview with you! Your makeup is incredibly hot and can’t be compared to any other model.

How long does it take to do the makeup? 

Bimbo pornstar Kitty Ink BimbodollHello, thank you so much for for this great opportunity, I am very happy you invited me to present myself to the lovely Big-Lips.com community! I am very happy you see my make up as incredibly hot und uncomparable to other models…In my opinion very heavy make up is a bimbodoll essential too, as it adds that super artificial extra to the sexy exaggerated BimboBarbie Style my whole body represents…
My make up has a lot of different influences from many genres, like for example the dramatic smokey eyes from the goth scene, and I always keep an eye open for new spectacular looks which I transform into my typically „Kitty“ style.. As I have always been very talented in drawing, designing and „beautification“ I evolved my make up skills all by myself , I only had one MUA teaching lesson for refining and learning new make up technics to make it easier, quicker and to refine my skills…It takes about 2,5 hrs until my make up, hair and style is ready and the Kitty you know from the Social Medias stands in front of you..;-)..and I absolutely love those 2,5 hrs ,they are a lot of fun for me!

Your big lips are fantastic! How did you come to have your lips enlarged?

Thank you so much! In my opinion theres no „too much“ in bimbofication! I love everything superfeminine, hypersexual, artificial and exaggerated and that of course also includes the lips – I just cant get enough of how luscious, sexy and big my lips look right after they are freshly fillered – so swollen and sexy!! The bigger the better, theres no „too much“ …When I look at older photos of me without any fillers done I often think – OMG!! This girl has no lips!!!..because they were very small indeed when I started…but when I saw the results after the first filler session of my life I knew: This is it!!! From now on I wanna have my lips fillered and have them as big as possible…I m always so happy when I see my big new lips in the mirror with lots of lipstick on – they nearly fill 1/3rd of my face at the moment and I love it when they stick out of the face when you look from the side…thats so super feminine and hot, especially when I cant close my mouth because they are so overfillered..like a perfect circle doing an eternal „O“ …;-)

Your lips are really very big and we like them very much. How often do you get your lips done?

I get my lips done about every 6 weeks …my doctor is always moaning because where I live its very unusual to do lips so often, and to make them so big, so I am kind of a pioneer in very big lips (and tits) here so to say…;-))..but hey, someone has to do that pioneer work and crash the borders…;-))
Getting my lips done is always such an amazing procedure – I also post pictures and videos of my freshly fillered lips on my OF, my lovely fans there just love those spectacular swollen bruised lips…as I do!

Our community loves big lips, the bigger the better. Do you want to make your lips even bigger? If so, how big do you want them to be?

Yes, I definitely want them to become bigger – my role model in lips (and the whole body, tbh) at the moment is Aletta Ocean – she is perfection! .. I don’t have an end in sight – when you are into bimbofication theres no „Stop!“ ..The day your new lips are done and bigger as ever you wanna go bigger again!…

We love women with big lips and lots of makeup (the more makeup the better). Therefore, we imagine a blowjob from you pretty hot. It’s even hotter when the lipstick and makeup is smeared at the end. Are you also into it and let the men this fantasy become reality?

The more make up the better !! …my words, I do agree, thats my way of life!! ..a blowjob from me is not just pretty hot – its hot as fuck! ..and when the lipstick is smeared all over his cock and also smeared around my lips, its the hottest blow job ever – I am into it, it even turns me on writing this down for you now…
I do have an OnlyFans page with a lot of hot and sexy content and its also especially for the big lips and lipsticklovers – I love to do lip/lipstick customs among other sexy scenarios…but I am on OnlyFans only and only do solo porn, including dildo fucks, masturbation, bigtits and latex fetish, spitting and lots more..;-) .. Doing content for my OF is a lot of fun for me , I don’t do my OF only for the money (though it turns me on being tipped..) I do it because I am absolutely into it – Sex is fun, and girls just wanna have fun, right?…

Is there an idol for you in the porn industry?

There are a lot of hot girls in the porn industry, so its really hard to say….for me its Aletta Ocean, Alicia Amira and Sophia Anderson, all three have a very different personal style..they are super hot! ..among a lot of hot babes more!!..:-))

We love bright red or pink lipstick on huge lips. Which lipstick color is your favorite?

Its a deep red with a lot of red glitter on top , and candy pink (which I use to call „bimbo pink“)

Many models style themselves only for Instagram and photos. Do you also like to style yourself very hot in your free time, for example for shopping?

Of course I do!!!….No styling is not an option for a bimbodoll!! ..I love the stares of people (especially the men)when I leave the house in my super sexy bimbodoll look and heavy make up!! ..That makes me so happy, I hate being ignored and I hate being or looking average..everything always has to bee „too much“ with Kitty…if its „too much“ for everybody else, it starts getting interesting for me..;-))

If someone would say: I’ll pay for any plastic surgery you want. You can do as much as you want. What would you do and how would you want to look in the end?

I d love to do a lot of plastic surgery – first of all I d love to „dollify“ my nose into that cute slim Barbie-Nose…then I want to fill up my ass to make it look extra crisp, firm, big, round and hot!! ..and I want bigger boobs – I am a 1050 cc now and would like to stack them with 1500 ccs as next level…I d love to have further lipsuctions and continue my regular lip and cheeks filler sessions plus lots of botox for that super hot extra frozen doll face…and lots of further tattoos, which in my opinion are also an important part of my body transformation..:-)
Phew…thats a lot of transformations – …lets start – who´s gonna pay?

Thank you Kitty for the amazing and hot interview. We are proud to introduce you to us. You are definitely one of the greats! We love your style and hope you continue to do what you are doing.
We hope to see you again soon for an interview. Contact us as soon as you have made more body modifications or made your lips even bigger 🙂


I’m sure you want to see more of Kitty Ink Bimbodoll, so we’ve compiled all of her websites for you here. Check out her ultra hot content!





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