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Huge boobs of Emjay RossoHello Emjay, welcome to! We are happy to welcome you here at We found you on Twitter and were immediately in love with your lips. Our community would certainly love to hear more from you. How did you get into shooting as erotic model?

I started modeling about 6 years ago. My best friend brought me to it, because he himself is a photographer and he asked me once to model for him. That’s how we got to know each other. I have first only portrait fashion and lingerie photo shoots but then I started at some point also with erotic. I just had fun and why should I hide my body and my tattoos. 🙂
At some point I started with cams but it is currently limited to that. Porn actress I am not. Just horny erotic model.

Blond model Emjay RossoAs you know, there is a huge fan base out there for women with big lips. How did you come to enlarge your lips?

I hade always small and narrow lips. Almost exactly a year ago I got together with my new boyfriend and he is totally into presenting me. Best I am the absolute Barbie for him and his bitch. He came with it around the corner whether I do not have time for it and so it came to that. And I love it. And yes there could be bigger lips.

Our community loves big lips, the bigger the better. Do you want to make your lips even bigger?

Sure! Yesterday I made my last appointment and my sweet Nadja from @ortderschoenheit tested something new on me. We start creating me these special Russian Lips. I’m totally into those things. And when I’m done with this interview, I will go to the next appointment. Unfortunately, it all costs quite a lot of money, maybe a daddy might support me. 🙂

How the perfetct big lips looks like for you?

After hearing about the Russian Lips I am absolutely blown away. Nice and high and round but no duck lips.

Is there an idol for you in the porn industry?

As I said, I’m not a porn actress but I absolutely love the look of Calea Toxic and Alicia Amira.

Busty blond6. We love strong lipstick on huge lips. Which lipstick color is your favorite?

I think a matte brown is very nice but if I want it to pop, nice and red.

7. Do you also like to style yourself in your free time, for example shopping?

Sure, that’s part of it for a doll 🙂

If someone would say: I’ll pay for any plastic surgery you want. You can do as much as you want. What would you do?

First I would continue to build up my lips and then maybe again my big tits. Otherwise, I am absolutely satisfied with my body… Ok bit of sport could be later good again. 🙂

And now the question that interests everyone the most: What do you like to do with your big lips during sex?

Kisses and blowjobs!


Thank you Emjay Rosso for the awesome interview! You are a hot woman with fantastic lips! I hope that we will have another interview in the future 🙂


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