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Doll Pornstar Aviva Rocks

Hi Aviva, welcome on! We are glad to welcome you here on Let’s get right to it, people are eager to learn more about you. How did you get into making porn?

Big lips porn doll Aviva RocksI wanted to make a lot of money quickly. However, classic prostitution was out of the question. That’s how it started in a strip club. I had a lot of fun, but I’m not a night owl, so I looked for something for the day.
That’s how I came to the webcam. And automatically my porn clips too. That’s how I made money with a lot of fun. I would say it’s my calling

As you know there is a huge fan base out there for women with big lips. How did you come to enlarge your lips?

I have always found operated and fake women beautiful. In the past, however, I never had the opportunity to “shape” myself in this way.
I love everything that is exaggerated. And every man (and woman) who love it too.

Our site visitors love big lips, the bigger the better. Want to make your lips even bigger?

I have my lips as big as never before and I think I have the biggest lips in Spain 😀 I am very happy. Sponsors are always welcome for more fillers. 

What do the perfect lips look like for you?

A woman’s lip cannot be big and round enough..with lip gloss. By the way, I had my Lip tattooed in pink.

Is there an idol for you in the porn industry? 

There are many women I admire. But not an idol…Im my self idol. 🙂 

We love bright lipstick colors. Which lipstick color is your favorite?

I have my lip tattooed so I rarely paint it. But if so, it has to be gloss and pink. 

Do you also like to style yourself in your free time for example shopping?

Huge lips porn doll Aviva RocksI love to provoke. I love to wear skimpy outfits and to stand out with my look. Enjoy the looks of the men. I am only 1.50 cm tall and have big Boobs, tattoos and very thick lips. I always stand out. 😀 

If someone said, I’ll pay for any cosmetic surgery you want. You can do as much as you want. What would you do?

One of my dreams is to do a BBL, a facelift and then downsize my nose again. also fill the lip with more filler.  

And now the question that interests everyone the most: What do you like to do with your big lips during sex?

I love to kiss I often have men who only had boring natural lips before,hahaha. 😀 They say it feels better and better to kiss filler lips. I also think that when I blow a tail, it looks better with my lips than with thin ones.

Thank you Aviva for the interview, it was great fun for us. Stay as you are, because you are a great woman. I hope we can do more interviews in the future.


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