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Blond Bimbo Doll Bullet Barbie

Hello Bullet Barbie, we are happy to welcome you here at We discovered you on Twitter and have been completely fascinated with your lips as well as your Bimbo Transformaton since the first sight of you. Our community loves huge lips and bimbo metal dollss, so you just fit perfectly on our website.

How did you come to transform yourself into a Bimbo Doll in this beautiful way?

My bimboficatin started on a not so normal path, I was anorexic for 15 years and in 2016 I had a choice: die or get well. And getting well meant being a woman. And then I decided, I’m going to be a woman, but on my terms! A hyperfeminine, perfect doll. That’s the compromise with my brain and it works very well. I experience since the bimbofication the first time myself love and that is very nice, with my history. In a way, the bimbofication saved my life!

How was your Bimbo Journey so far? What have you had done and what is still ahead of you?

So for me it all started around when I was 19, but that’s when I got more of a bimbo mindset (always dressed sexy, styled on fleek, heels etc.), my first breast surgery was in 2017 and since 2018 I’ve had my lips done, since I have the right to pursue medical education with a degree in biochemistry, I’m also authorized for filler, and do my lips, chin and jawline myself. The cheeks I have by nature. Of course, I also do the Botox in the forehead. A bimbo ages backwards, in my opinion 😉

Did you know from the beginning that you wanted to do porn?

No, I did not, I started as camgirl to work around 2018 and in the beginning I also enjoyed it, but for the comparatively little money so much work and also so much to see what you do not want to see, it was just too stupid for me. I just thought I did not need that! Now I have an Onlyfans account, there I also offer porn, also hardcore 😉 and have fun to live out my sexuality!  And my sexuality is just incredibly important to me, because as a bimbo sexuality is everything! And so I have found a super compromise, which makes sex work fun, and I also make others happy with it and come closer to my goal.
Meanwhile I love to make content, and to shoot and to let myself be used and to offer my followers simply what they want to have. I just want to be their perfect fuckdoll 🙂 My followers are very dear to me!

Our community loves huge lips, the bigger the better. Would you like to make your lips even bigger? If so, how big do you want them to be?

Bigger is always better! I want to make my lips a whole lot bigger! So maybe someone would like to help me with that, they are not called cock pillows for nothing.
I don’t have a real goal, of course I want it to fit my face and be aesthetically pleasing. But I would like to have it much bigger! I think they seem small to me directly after injecting and then I want immediately more. To hell with heroin! Give me filler! 🙂

Everyone has a different idea of nice big lips. Some like it when there is a gap between the lips, others just love huge lips and others like it when the lips stick out as far as possible to the front. What do the absolutely perfect lips look like for you?

A mixture of everything you described. I like to have this “beak” and I like it when they don’t close all the way, I like it when both lips are exactly the same size, or the upper lip a bit bigger. I like it just really artificial and take not so much value on definition, for me they just have to be extremely plump and thick. Just so typical inflatable boat.

This sounds amazing! Big round arifical looking lips are the best 🙂 Is there an idol for you in the porn industry in the bimbo niche?

Candy Charms for sure! And Paulina J. Candy are great idols, but Queen Pamela Anderson and Lolo Ferrari are also at the top of my list.

Which Bimbo Journey or transformation do you find most inspiring?

Hm difficult….we knows rarely the details of the girls, but a special transfusion I find Kitty Ink has yielded! I also used to come from the gothic scene, so I feel very connected to her transformation.

We love strong lipstick on huge lips. We like red or pink the most. Which lipstick color is your favorite?

As a pro MUA there are a lot. I usually make up my eyes very strong and then I take a pink nude tone for everyday, but the diva in me also loves red! Especially dark red I like very much. Bright pink of course I also like, but preferably deep red or nude pink, always with gloss over it. Purple or brown tones, I do not like.

Do you also like to style yourself in your free time, for example for shopping very hot?

Oh yes! Always dress to impress! I do not own clothes that are not sexy, I feel sexy dressed just the most comfortable! Also enjoy the looks of men haha 😀
But just to go shopping or even to university, even in the lab, I dress sexy. I have since 2011 no longer jeans.

If someone would say: I’ll pay for any plastic surgery you want. You can do as much as you want. What all would you do and how would you want to look in the end?

Oh I wish! So I’m saving up for expander right now, they are the most important to me right now (2000 cc I would like), then butt lift and implants, more lipos , rib removal, turn my already pretty nose into the perfect barbie nose, chin narrowing and xxl lip implants, plus I would also like to change my eye color with a laser.

And now the question that interests everyone the most: What do you like to do with your big lips during sex?

I know everyone says that, but I’m really serious, I LOVE blowjobs! Not only because I can do it well, but also because men love my lips so much! And that turns me on!

Thanks Bullet Barbie for the great interview. We are happy to introduce you here on our website. We love your style and we are sure that the community will love your style too. We wish you a lot of success in the future on your Bimbo transformation journey and hope that we can welcome you soon again on an interview. Get in touch with us as soon as you have made more boddy modifications or made your lips even bigger 🙂


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