Introduction of blond pornstar Krisztina Sereny

Big lips Krisztina Sereny

Today we introduce Krisztina Sereny!

Krisztina Sereny is a hot blond pornstar well known from playboy. She has amazing long blond hair, huge fake tits and fantastic big lips. All what a hot babe or bimbo need! We love Krisztina Sereny for her heavy makeup, eyeliner and amazing lipstick colors. She likes to wear tight tops and tshirt or to chill in pools with hot bikini.

Our communtiy loves babes with heavy makeup and lipstick, and Krisztina Sereny fulfills all the needs of our community! The more eyeliner and lipstick, the better! We hope she will use in the future a lot more to pimp her eyes and lips 😉

You can find a lot of content on her onlyfans website and on twitter.




Her website

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