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Nasty Bimbo

Fuck Doll Nasty BimboHi Nasty Bimbo, welcome to! We are happy to welcome you in our community. We found photos of you on Twitter and Instagram and we were thrilled! On the photos which we saw of you, you had an amazing amount of pink makeup and lipstick. Together with your fantastic big fake lips it looked absolutely awesome! You are the perfect Bimbo sex doll.

We have read your posts on Twitter about your Bimbofication and decided to do an interview with you Nasty Bimbo.

Hello! Thanks for the nice words! Oh i’m very grateful for your offer, it means I really achieved some noticeable size of my lips haha πŸ™‚

First of all, where are you from and why did you choose the name β€œNasty Bimbo”? I’m sure there is an interesting story behind it πŸ˜‰

The nickname Nasty Bimbo is related to my real name, i am Anastasia (Nastya is a short version). So i just liked funny play on words! Furthermore it adds some debauchery to my online look.

 This is interesting! I didn’t know that Nastya is the short version of Anastasia. How did it all start with the Bimbofication? How did you decide to turn into a Bimbo?

I always watched a lot of porn and one day i just met this word ‘bimbo’. I typed it in an Instagram search and have found Alicia Amira with the title ‘bimbo queen’. Her page helped me to understand what bimbo and bimbofication movement is, i was very excited, I liked that very much. But it was a very long time before I started to make any changes. I am bisexual and it was hard to understand if i want just such girls or i want to be like them too. Finally i decided i want to become my own sexual perfection, but it was a long slow process through years. I just want more refined face features, more refined look, something close to elf appearance, because all my life i loved blonde hair, blue eyes, fit body, pale sensitive skin, absence of body hair, its my taste in human appearance and i want to become closer to this, although i was born with totally different body and appearance type – dark hair and eyes, small lips, hard face features, small height, chubby body, a lot of body hair, thick skin. I often say I was born a dwarf but I’m turning into an elf (but combine that with a sexy bimbo aesthetic).


You are already a beautiful elf! And your lips are amazing. They are huge and have a great shape. Just as it should be! How often do you get your lips done?

Awww thank you so much! I’m doing lip fillers every 2-3 months but id like to do it more often, like every month. The problem is an absence a bimbo-friendly cosmetologist near me. Every time im going to my cosmetologist she says ‘it’s too much, it’s enough, no empty place in lips to inject more’. It seems dangerous for health but i know for sure she is guided just by basic beauty standards (if lips are filled with filler it must be non-visible, “natural look”). So im struggle a little because to find a bimbo-friendly + professional cosmetologist + good price for fillers is unreal in my location. But i don’t give up and for now i will continue visits to my cosmetologist and in future i plan to relocate somewhere where people are more modern and appreciate a bimbo style.

Yeah, this is the biggest problem on the Bimbofication journey. I think in the USA they are more into Bimbofication, maybe you would find there a cosmetologist. If you find one, how big you want to make them?

Of course, i want much more bigger lips! I love how they look and feel and how it feels to touch some objects with such a big lips, so yes i want bigger! Now i have 12 cc, id like to have ~25. My sexual fantasy its a lips like half of my face but not sure its possible πŸ™‚

Ok that’s hot! We love the idea πŸ™‚ If someone would say: I’ll pay for any plastic surgery you want. You can do as much as you want. What would you do and how would you want to look in the end?

I really want to do a BBL surgery, it is essentially needed for me because i need big round ass to match with my new tits. Also i want a rhinoplasty and bottom blepharoplasty for more refined face and bigger tits (1000 cc+). These surgeries are core for me now, im sure after them i will be 90% satisfied with my look, and to do these surgeries its a main goal for me now (also to lose some weight). After achieving basic good look i just want to become more extreme bimbo, do some extreme surgeries like rib removal, liposuctions, pussy labia implants, much more bigger tits and ass. Xomarym’s shapes are my favorite and i hope to become so extreme one day!

Xomarym has some fantastic curves, that’s true. There is an incredibly large community for sexy cosplay and ahegao. We ourselves like ahegao and heavy makeup. In many of your photos we have seen that you are just fantastic in those kind of fetish as well. You have many photos in ahegao style and with heavy makeup and lipstick. This suits you very well! Do you want to create more content in this area?

Oh yes, ahegao is one of my biggest fetishes! Thank you so much for appreciating my photos! Yes i plan to do more content in this area, also i love not just ahegao but really insane/dumb faces, bodywriting and face bondage, i have really a lot of kinky face bondage content.

Thanks for the photos which you make especially for our community. I’m sure they love it! Especially the ahegao and heavy makeup photos are very welcome πŸ™‚ Btw: How looks the perfect Bimbo makeup for you? Do you have an example?

I really love makeup of Alicia Amira, Kitty Ink Bimbodoll, Kellie the Panter. They really do that on a professional level! Im not so good at makeup and i need to learn a lot. Honestly i don’t know any basic makeup rules. And i don’t have basic eyeshadow pallets! I never put on my face brown/nude shades, i just don’t like them, even in ordinary life i always go outside with bright pink makeup.

We love your makeup. Don’t worry about “the perfect makeup”. Grab some neon pink, some blue and black and put as much as you can on. Do the same with red or pink lipstick, it can be messy too. The point is, to look as slutty as possible.

Many models style themselves only for Instagram and photos. Do you also like to style yourself very hot in your free time, for example for shopping?

Often i create hot sexy looks for photos but in everyday life i still style myself bright and alt, i don’t wear basic clothes and as i said i only go outside with pink makeup because it suits me better. Id like to go outside more extreme tho, i live almost in a village so there are not so a lot of sense to go outside for example on heels. In my dream life im living in a big house near big european city and i have a pink car and i easily can wear max sexy bimbo clothes for a everyday routine!

I think USA is more the right destination to wearing alt or slutty clothing πŸ™‚

What is your favourite outfit and why? From the shoes to the makeup, we want to know everything πŸ˜‰

Nasty Bimbo outfitIts my fresh favorite look (added photo). Its fully pink + PU + pink fur + Fuck doll t-shirt of my fav bimbo brand Beabimbo + Demonia pink PU boots + my long pink nails! It looks amazing together and i plan to go on rave party like that! Just will add some accessories. 

What was the most slutty Bimbo outfit you have worn in the public?

Im sure most slutty bimbo outfit worn in public is coming in near future when i will be more in public. I just get plastic tits in August and before that surgery I wasn’t able to wear really slutty outfits (without tits). But now everything will change!

I am sure all men are looking after you. How is it? 

I love to get attention from men but again i think soon i will have more experience to talk about. With new tits i feel much more powerful and confident and next warm season i will slay πŸ™‚ Furthermore, now due to covid and these masks my giant lips are hidden in public, i just dream of times when i will show them to everybody πŸ™‚ 

Thank you Nasty Bimbo for the interview. We are proud to list you on our website! You are looking fantastic and we love your heavy makeup and big lips! Keep going with your Bimbofication and keep in mind: The more, the better! πŸ˜‰

Thank you for the interview Tom! Yes bigger is always better and i will follow this rule! 
Im very glad you will post me on your website! Best regards! 


We hope to see you again soon for an interview. Contact us as soon as you have made more body modifications or made your lips even bigger πŸ™‚


You want to see more? Check Nasty Bimbos pages out!





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