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Vivian Rose Ahegao

Pink bimboHi Vivan Rose and welcome on! We are proud to make an interview with you.

We know you from Instagram where you post lot of hot content (link below). Your Bimbo style and your Bimbofication is fantastic. Especially your heavy pink makeup and lipstick is amazing. The size of your lips getting bigger and bigger, and your boobs to. Your huge fake lips have an amazing round and plump shape, and if you put your pink lipstick on it.. oh man!

You have a hot Bimbo style that is accentuated by your big lips. How did you get the idea to transform into a doll or to make an Bimbofication?

I always admired Barbie’s beauty and I was always insecure about my looks. Then one day I discovered Bimbofication and I was instantly hooked. Bimbos were that confident bombshells I always aspired to be. So I decided to be one of them and that was the best decision I have ever made.  

Oh yes, Bimbos are the definition of bombshells. This kind of Bimbofication must have cost a lot. How much have you spent on it so far?

So I’ve had a few surgeries before and a LOT of fillers. Overall I must have spent at least 15.000 €. And next year (2022) I’m getting Expanders that will also cost around 10.000€. So being a Bimbo isn’t cheap.

I’m sure it is not cheap, but the result is fantastic! You look so damn hot as a Bimbo, it was the right decision. Everybody in our community would look at such a hot babe on the street. What is your experience, do more men look at you now after the bimbofication?

Of course they do. I often catch men staring at my Lips or my Boobs – but I love it. That is exactly why I love being a Bimbo 😉

I’m sure, everyone of our community members would look after you too 😉

You look like a perfect sex doll. Great long blonde hair, beautiful big eyes and especially super hot huge lips. Do you have a role model for your style?

I have many 😉 but to name a few it would definitely be Alicia Amira, RubyDollSunset and Wendy Whoppers. 

Especially RubyDollSunset is amazing. The lips are so huge, OMG! We would love to see her as an Bimbo.

Your pink makeup looks fantastic. How long does it take you to get everything done in the morning?

I usually take about 1 to 1,5 hours in the mornings. 

Oh thats long! But the result is hot as hell! 🙂

In our opinion, there’s no such thing as too big lips. The bigger, the better. Like RubyDollSunset or Andrea Ivanova from Bulgaria. Do you want to make your lips bigger?

That is my motto as well – The bigger, the better. Both of them are super hot and are definitely girls I look up to…

So to answer your question, yes. I want bigger lips and will constantly fill them up! So that I can achieve my goal of being the perfect Bimbo doll 🙂

Yeah, the bigger the better and the more lipstick, the better too 🙂 What other body modifications do you have in mind?

As mentioned above I’m getting Boob-Expanders in Spring 2022. I also want to get another nose job – I’ve got my nose done when I was 18, before I started my bimbo journey. And also a Liposuction. And I think that’s just the beginning, there surely will be other surgeries as well – I will do anything to be the hottest Bimbo 😉

I’m sure, you are already one of the hottest Bimbos. You are one the right way with your Bimbofication journey to be even hotter. We hope you will make your lips bigger and use as much makeup and lipstick as you can.

Thank you for the interview Vivian Rose, it was a pleasure for us! It was nice to hear something about a Bimbofication from one of the hottest Bimbos on the internet!


Check Vivians Links out! She has an amazing onlyfans account for all big lips and Bimbo lovers!



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